Chris Stout
About this dude.

My name is Chris Stout. I frequently use the pseudonym "Hobronto" which is why you see it all over the place. I build and design things - sometimes professionally, sometimes just on a lark. I live in Austin, TX. I have a dog named Buck and a cat named Lady Puss Puss. Puss Puss is older than Buck, so she should technically receive top billing, but Buck fights as a heavyweight and demands more attention.


This site is a collection of writings, photography, art, and other miscellanea. I have a lot of scattered projects (see: right) and am attempting to consolidate and simplify.

What's a "hobronto"?

A contraction of sorts. It stands for "home office brontosaurus" because I work at home and, uh, like dinosaurs. Too late to change now, I suppose.


  • I draw charts and graphs illustrating factoids.
  • Secret's Safe. An experiment that lets you see a stranger's secret - but only if you share one of your own.
  • THIS FUCKING THING!!! Totally mothballed stillborn idea.
  • Unintended Recipient People send email to my [redacted] address. They think they know me. They do not. Their email is ridiculous. I post it and make fun of them. Rinse. Repeat.
  • House Blog Chris and Marv move from Omaha to Austin and write about it. This is mostly mothballed because, well, we're here and there were no fatalities...yet.
  • Live, Love, LOLZ Stupid home decor.
  • Obama's Plan for Gay Rights. A bunch of us felt betrayed because the Obama/Holder DOJ wrote a really dickish brief that basically threw gays under the bus. I built this site. It was linked by a bunch of high-profile homos once. The end.
  • How's That Feel? More impotent frustration on my part, this time after Maine overturned their marriage equality initiative.
  • Zazzle Sometimes, I do little doodles and put them on t-shirts. Occasionally, foolish people choose to purchase them. Here's the place.

  • Marsist, Inc. My official corporation that owns other bits of corporations.
  • Christopher Stout Group I do web design and development and other creative stuff. This site is so old it has whiskers.

There are more, but I sense your growing boredom.

Elsewhere on the web.